✨ Consider vs Considerate ✨

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Be considerate!


I always cared for our planet… In fact, I remember telling my family at the mere age of 8 that I would vote green when I grow up. Today, I do realise it is not always obvious nor inexpensive to live by ecological standards… yet, I truly believe we are shifting towards a more conscious living and that everything is put in place for us to use “smarter” alternatives and to achieve a responsible consumption.

Thanks to my professional experience for the impeccable 1.618 Sustainable and Luxury Fair Paris, I discovered an incredible amount of goods, who are thoughtfully and delicately made with care and consideration for our planet and its beings.

Since then, I promised myself that the day I had more time, I would do a repertoire of all these new products so that they can be easily found in one place.

That time has come and I will start by gathering all information on everything sustainable here, in the city I live: Berlin!